Rad! and Subtract

by i'm fine

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Debut EP from New Orleans natives. Melodic & anthemic pop punk that features members of Killin' Werewolves and Further Reasoning.

Dedicated to the Ghostwood.
Thank you for reading this.


released October 4, 2011

Recorded Summer of 2011 by Larry Constant Jr.
Mixed and Mastered by Jimi Hudson.
Artwork by Andrew Bascle and Adrianne Breaux.



all rights reserved


i'm fine New Orleans, Louisiana

nola dudes. est. 2011

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Track Name: Amber/Embers
I stormed up and down Magazine.
Yeah, just a couple blocks from your apartment.
I stumbled around the right adjectives to say
to perfectly describe the way you move.
And I can taste the air we share
Over and over again
As I saw the sky fall apart in your eyes,
For you to find places you left behind.
I'm tired of burning in your embers.
Are you just sleepless in Seattle
Or is your happiness still in Washington?
Track Name: White Sails and White Liquor
So I take another swig
To pass through this bitter night.
Yeah, we've been here before.
Only difference is we can't find the rewind on our lives.
And now you're overseas
And I've been overdue.
You have seen the world
As I watch it pass me by.
I'm singing all the songs we used to sing,
Sitting on the porch we used to adore.
I'll take a drink for you, I'll take a drink for me,
Just like we did before.
Track Name: Oversleep or Overtime (That is the Question)
These workdays are never ending.
They pile on until I stop breathing.
I just need a break from all of it
To finally start living.
And stay true to what I believe in,
Like enjoying life for what it gives me.
'Cause if I learned a lesson on Oakland Avenue,
It's what gives me hope will leave me broke and starving.
One day I'm gonna' die.
The legacy I leave behind
Is nothing but the check subs
Of a life I never cashed in.
I just need a fucking sick day
'Cause I'm sick of everything today.
And I'm loosing all my friends
To paychecks that will never meet the ends.
Track Name: What's Brunch without Sex on the Beach?
Well I can still feel the sand between your sheets.
Tell me if there were any grains in his.
I guess it ends like it begins
And you can't stop thinking about him.
I need to know right fucking now,
What the hell were you thinking last night
When you were loosing my trust in the gulf?
And was it worth it?
I know something I don't want to know,
So please be honest now.
Track Name: New Weather Brings Hope
I'm fighting and still holding on
Until these tired hours have run long
I open a new door to check out the scene.
'Cause good days rarely start like this.
Our eyes weigh way too much.
Just give us an excuse
To stay awake for nothing today.
'Till we fall asleep,
When we fall asleep
Is the only time we live in our dreams.
And frankly,
We tired of feeling like dead beats
Leading dead end lives.
We just need a reason to pick up our chins.
Season's changing, lets see what it brings!