with a lot to learn.

by i'm fine

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released July 21, 2012

recorded 05 - 07 June 2012
Brian Pretus Helped
James Whitten Made This
Bryan Funck Gets Props



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i'm fine New Orleans, Louisiana

nola dudes. est. 2011

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Track Name: The Only Things You Should Try in Life are Food and Cocktails
My excuses - They fall on deaf ears.
My excuses - Why do I make them at all?
You're disspelling my words down the drain
and I'm left with your rights and these growing pains
that haunt every action. And the dissatisfaction
renders you with nothing else to gain.
We all get over it. I'll get over it.
Now that I have grown up I know it's okay to be okay!
Track Name: Damn Girl, You Really Let Yourself Go
So how many more friends
do I have to question my faith in
before you choke on your
goddamn regretful past?
Seriously, you can't die soon enough.
How can you sleep at night?
And your male complex proves
you'll always fit into those groves
of what's expected of you!
So what will you do
when it all falls apart?
You're not getting better...
Track Name: Leontine to the Lion's Home
The shell of what I used to be is on Leontine.
Packed my memories in boxes and in between
here and there.
The River Road, it bends and shows my way
to an older home along the Mississippi coast.
It's a constant reminder of what I used to be.
Track Name: Yo, Where's This Fountain of Youth At?
Wish we could find the words to say
that would help us cope and take away
some empty space
and to fill an unavoidable void.
We'll do whatever it takes!
And when I got that call
on my way back home,
I shouldn't have picked up the phone at all.
"So tell me what you learned
from the youth we shared
because, maybe,
Jeff's death declared
our inevitable ends!"